product monitoring

Track online prices, out-of-stock, content, and reviews. For all products, all brands on all resellers. In real-time.

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Truly automated solution

With Koopol you finally get a real automated price monitoring tool, but not only:

  • Track prices, out of stock, product reviews, and content
  • No onboarding is required. Add your products and get the data instantly
  • Analyze all products from all resellers
  • Automatic product matching
  • Access all data history
Koopol as a radar

Powerfully simple

(It’s like Google for e-commerce)

Koopol make product monitoring dead simple. As easy as a famous search engine but with meaningful information. It almost feels like magic.

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your pricing behavior

Get a clear view of your market, you must truly understand the pricing behavior of that market: Which reseller has the biggest impact, who’s leading the game, which product is selling at the best price, who are your real competitors, are you missing selling opportunities, can you improve your margins?

Answer all these business questions based on real-world data.
Understand your market and take the lead.

Discover why a clear pricing strategy matters for your brand.