Koopol gives you access instantly to crucial data: prices, out-of-stock, content, and product reviews,... Without complex, and heavy onboarding process. As simply as using a search engine.

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Built for

Whether you need market analysis or ruthless price monitoring, Koopol is designed for you.


For products monitoring

There are already many prices monitoring tools out there. But it requires long onboarding, limited to your own products, and some resellers, and hard to use. Discover the powerful simplicity of our approach. Right now.

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For market analysis

Koopol gives you access to all the data related to your market, your products, your competitors.
Discover how to make your next strategic moves based on real data, not just gut feelings...

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Our key features

Here is the list of our key features, but you can only understand the power of Koopol by experimenting with it, so take 5 minutes to give it a try.

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Smart segments

Segments are inspired by CRM features. A segment is a group of filters identifying a specific group of products, brands, or resellers (based on the product name, brand name, price, reseller, etc).
The magic part is that you can compare different segments across each other to identify business opportunities.

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In Koopol, notifications are built on top of segments and workspaces. You define the trigger, the sensitivity, and the recipients. It’s that simple.

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Data history

You don’t have to do anything to start tracking a product. Everything is already tracked since day one of Koopol. So you get access to the history of every tracked insight: prices, out-of-stock, volatility, promo, catalogue, etc.

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We crawl everything

We are crawling all meaningful resellers online on the European market. Did we miss one? Just ask for it we’ll be more than happy to add it!

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Instant search

In Koopol you access all your products related data, but also the ones from all the other brands. Discover how to plan your next strategic move based on real data, not just gut feelings...

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Use workspaces to track at the SKU level; Enter your product codes (GTIN13, CNK, PZN, etc.) and get instant products monitoring. Spot anomalies or shady behaviour instantly. All you need is a list of codes, and we take care of the rest.

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Export data

You can export all the data you see in Koopol as a CSV file, using the date range you need, in a few seconds.
We are not kidding by saying Koopol is simple to use!

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Automatic product matching

We built a robust algorithm to match products, based on NLP and machine learning it’s already ahead of all our competitors, and it’s still improving every day.